who knew..

Who knew that I’d have such epic news so soon into my blogging experience. Although facebook has left little room for the element of surprise, I’m engaged!

I am begining to think that I have been renamed “Let me see your ring!”, since that’s the only thing I’ve been hearing lately. As a whole, everyone in my life has been so very supportive of me slipping that rock on my finger. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for that. It’s been so endearing to find the people in my life that are so excited for my life moving forward, and want to help every step of the way. So I’d like to take a blogging second to send a shout out to all my genuine friends, supportive family, and the stud who asked me the 4 little words.

I hope you find it as humorous as I do that one of the first things Clint and I did to celebrate was buy matching star wars pj pants.

I will try to post pictures soon.


One thought on “who knew..

  1. Kendall, Whitney shared your blog with me. Love your words and love you too. You are especially special to me. Keep sharing your wisdom…you are wonderfully insightful and wise beyond your years (as I have always known). What a blessing you are in our lives.

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