I should be working but..

As thankful as I am to have my own house, and no longer cohabitate in a 12 by 12 room with another girl who also has the mentality that too much of a good thing (whether that be pairs of jeans to bottles of hairspray).. is.. well.. better.., living and taking care of your own house comes with its own set of difficulties.

This morning, at 5 am, (if you’d even be gracious enough to call that ungodly hour morning), you could have seen me moving 2 stories worth of furniture out the front door to prepare for people to come and put in new carpet. Convenient, I thought, that the carpet changing day  (that requires every piece of 6 girls’ furniture to be removed from the house) fell upon the week where every single roommate is gone on some sort of vacation. Nice, girls.

So, since I have work beginning at 8am, I’m rolling up my sleeves to get it all out before the sun is even up. 7am rolls around, and I’m sitting like a queen on her throne of overturned coffee tables, with my court of throw pillows around me, proudly waiting for the carpet men to arrive.

As is goes around here, I left for work with no sign of men or carpet in sight, and even to call the office to find a woman on the other end of the receiver unaware that there was a scheduled carpet move-in in the first place. So, sitting at work, all I can hope for is that our collection of Disney movies doesn’t get jacked off our back porch.

On a lighter note:

I just finished registering for a class that is required for my major, but very fitting for this season in my life. I’m taking wedding and event planning starting at the beginning of July. Since I’ll be working full time until 5 everyday and the class is from 5:45-10:30, it will definitely be a doozy, but I’m very excited. I’m so happy to know that this summer and next semester will have so many classes that are relevant to my future, and it makes me genuinely excited to get back to the school year and start hittin the books.

Last night, I went with Clinton and made his 2 sisters (April and Janel) dinner at their apartment. We made what was called “Pea, bacon, and corn pasta with shells”. Pretty self-explanatory. It was nice to get to spend time with them, and work on my well below par culinary skills. Not only did it not turn out burnt (more because of clint’s help than anything), but it seemed enjoyed by all parties involved. So, I suppose there’s hope for me being a decent mother someday. Maybe.

Welcome to my crazy life?


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