God bless America, land that I love.

It’s only 9am, and I’ve already taken down 2 cups of coffee and a diet coke. Do not be fooled though, after allotting myself Monday and Tuesday off of work, I can’t tell you how wonderful my extended fourth of July weekend was. I got to let my social butterfly free for a few days, catching up with highschool friends, making new DBU friends at different dinners and movie nights, spending quality time with my family, and getting, always treasured, time with my momma too, as I fried myself by her side at the lake all one day. If you can imagine, I also managed to do all of my laundry, repaint some furniture, redesign my living room, deep clean my bathroom, made cards for all my friends off conquering the world, and put Mr. Cupcake in brand new water (poor thing was wallowing in about 3 inches of muck).

One of my very good friends and room mate, Buffy, has been in New York interning with a fashion company who works directly with Vogue and other high fashion media. It’s been such a dream for her just to get there, and just recently, her aspirations reached the extraordinary. Out of all the interns, her boss just offered her a full-time job there for when she graduates this next year. She’s excited, but still tinkering with the idea of what to do, so please pray for her that God’s will for her future will be revealed to her, in New York, or anywhere else.

In other news, I heard about a website you can go to where you can send letters/ care packages to soldiers that are fighting. So I decided, in the spirit of Independence day, to make an American flag out of different types of paper, and write a letter on it to a soldier in Iraq. You should check it out, and send some gratitude to all those men and women out there keeping you safe;


My roomates are moving in soon, and I’m so happy to have some more spice come into the house.

That’s all;

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th.

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