i’m obnoxious.

Not that anyone had any doubts of my obsession with John Mayer, especially after my complete post dedication to him last time, but I have news that may just tip my fan status into stalkerish in the near future. Seeing as I’m not the only JM obsessed girl out there, my favorite serenading hunk’s concerts are usually quite a hit to the wallet. Lucky for me, one of my friends had an open ticket within a discounted group rate, and ladies and gents; I fully plan on sacrificing my ability to speak for the entire next week in my intentions of out-screaming any and all other fans through every song.  September 4th, get here already. I’m slightly considering permanently tattooing “I love JM” on my forehead, or really.. anything… necessary to land me a backstage pass.   Someone suggested us mowing his face into a cornfield. I’m sure he’d appreciate the originality.

Hi, I’m in Jr. High.

I just needed to share this information with the world.

I think I’m going on an adventure this weekend, but I’ll have to update you when plans are concrete.

Now, go put on “Three More Days” byRay Lamontagne and forget about the long Thursday you all just had.

love, always. kendall.

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