Well hiya there rollypolly face!

I’ve been a busy girl lately. It seems to me, though, that is how I best function. No matter how much sleep is constantly jeopardized when I’m busy, whenever all the buzz is over, the last thing I actually want to do is sit back and watch TV. I just like to be kept busy, and experiencing alittle bit of everything that life has to offer. Last week was fairly uneventful so my adventurous tick, that always starts knawing at me when I’m still for too long, left me with no other option than to plan something borderline ridiculous- and in a jiffy. So, I called up the girls, and in a general consensus of boredom and lack of money, we decided that camping was the best option. So, less than 24 hours later, we have my friend’s little navy blue jetta packed up and Austin, Texas bound. We were quite the sight driving down the highway, 3 young girls, hanging out of the open windows like dogs, blaring old banjo tunes,  and, thanks to Katie’s trip to the Alamo earlier in the summer, wearing Davey Crockett coon hats. What should have been a short 3 hours to Austin turned into 7 hours of stopping at antique malls, thrift stores, trinket shops, and – our personal favorite- the largest dog museum in the world. There were literally dogs doing everything from riding a bicycle to wooden dogs that you could smoke out of. We made it there right before dark, and managed to create a fire… 2 boxes of matches, bug spray, Wendy’s trash, a fire starter, and 2 hours later.  We quickly realized that simply starting the fire was the least of our worries when the wood that we had once thought was sufficient for a fire burned up within a matter of minutes, having us franticly running around in the dark trying to find anything that would keep our masterpiece going.  It was about this point, nearing Midnight, that we decided that we needed to put up the tent. (Why we didn’t think of putting that up first when there was… I don’t know… sunlight? Is beyond me). So, we constructed our tent solely by the glow of our cell phones, so proud of ourselves until we realized that we forgot bedding, except for one girl who decided to bring an air mattress. Being outnumbered 2 to 1, we decided that air mattresses were for pansies, and that if one suffers, we all suffer. So yes, we sure did sleep on pure gravel all night. Apparently someone, the victim has yet to come forward, had the genius idea that leaving the tent door open all night would somehow make it cooler in the tent.. (not that the vented roof would already take care of that or anything..) and we were woken up at dawn by one of the girls screaming because she was woken up by rolly pollys crawling on her face. As you can imagine, that was hilarious to me and Noel, and decided it was only necessary to make fun of her for the remaining duration of the trip. By 8 in the morning, we were already in the water falls that were on our camp ground. It was so amazing to be swimming in natural falls with my friends. It felt like something out of a movie or something.  We packed up and headed back later that day, our hair full of burrs, our clothes full of amber burned holes from our fire making attempts, and our bellies aching from laughing so hard.  I really can’t tell you how refreshing it was just to have a day out in nature and have quality time in the dirt with my best friends, even if we WERE a serious of unfortunate events.

We’ve already started planning our next camping trip in 2 weeks that might land us out by some salt water. I would sleep on gravel any night to have an adventure.

6 thoughts on “Well hiya there rollypolly face!

  1. Please take time to de-rollypolly said tent prior to return. I just wish I had a video of y’all setting up the tent with you cell phones… just like in the old west.

  2. It’s so refreshing to hear that all the outdoor skills we shared with you in your younger years have been of such questionable value.
    Gramma & Granpa Ermert

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