I have currently given up baking for running.

Well, this last weekend was wonderful. I went to San Antonio on friday night, shlitterbaun on Saturday, and came back sunday to do a long morning run for training, and then finish it all off with going to see Inception with Katie. What a freaking good movie, right? I feel like Leonardo DiCaprio is quickly falling into a certain character trap of mystery/hysteria lately, but I could care less. After I fell in love with his strapping young self in Titanic, I’ve had a soft spot for him, even if I am no longer hanging posters of him up on my wall like I did in my elementary years. ..There’s still one in my closet.. what?..

The filming for DBU went really well, and I got to stay on the clock to work on it. Bonus! The video was a spoofy “Top Chef” show in which students were asked to create different dishes in which they failed, and were condemned to a life of cafeteria food. Eat up, patriots.

So maybe new running kicks are more important than a phone right now. My feet are getting so torn up by running 6-7 miles everyday. I’m getting multiple blisters on each of my toes, and yesterdays run brought me to the point of blood with how much my toes were rubbing together for an hour straight. Hope you’re not eating right now.:) Either way, it makes me curious what my feet are going to look like after making it to 15, 20, 25 miles. I feel like fiance, who have always thought my feet were pretty, is going to quickly change his mind upon return from turkey. It’s worth it though, because I feel like running is getting my life back together. It’s strange, but I feel like having a sense of accomplishment every day is making everything else fall into place as it should. Even spiritually.

In closing, someone PLEASE take me out of this country..or even state.. for any reason at all so I can go explore. I feel trapped in Texas.

and an artist I like: Ben Hein

warmly, Kendall.

2 thoughts on “I have currently given up baking for running.

  1. woah, i just posted some of his stuff to my Tumblr! anyway. i love the way you write 🙂
    alsoooo, this is a photographer’s website that did one of my friends weddings:
    they’re sooo good! and i bet you can find lots of inspiration from the weddings they’ve done

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