One foot in Texas, and one in Arkansas.

Good morning, all you blog readers.

My life has been so crazy lately, and it means somethin to me that you guys keep coming back to read about it, so thank you.

This last week, I’ve been working on rush stuff frantically. We had to pull several late nights, some up to 4am, trying to make sure that everything was perfect for these weeks coming up. Swat is this next week too. So from 7am to midnight, my next week is completely filled up.

This weekend, I road-tripped to Arkansas with 2 of my room mates for our last summer hoo-rah before we hit the books. Buffy’s parents live there in the most adorable, luxurious home that looked like it was plucked straight out of a Country Home and Living magazine, nestled in a neighborhood with trees whose heights a Texas girl like me marveled at. (I know we were just one state over, but it makes all the difference.) We got there friday night, and spent all of Saturday out in her beautiful backyard laying out by the pool and playing volleyball. Buffy took us to, what she vowed to be, the best snow cones on earth. I felt like such a kid again, with her mom sending us out of the house and down the street with a ten dollar bill; her 5-foot-nothing self yelling “Now ya’ll be careful girls” after us in her thick southern accent.  Well I’m here to say that the shaved ice lived up to all its proclaimed glory, and then some. It was like eating snow.  After trekking home, with our snowcones already gone and our mouths displaying the side effects of choosing blue coconut and cherry, it was back to the pool. Later that night, we went to a steak place where I was convinced into trying a fish dish. I’m not seafood fan in the least, but I’ve been really trying  to conquer my fear of the foods I hate (namely- seafood and eggs). I ate the entire thing, and practically liked my plate it tasted so delicious! That along with baked mac& cheese, a big roll, and sweet potato fries, and I can honestly say that it was one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time. That night, her parents let us stay in a hotel close to their house. Naturally, us 3 girls were beyond thrilled when we walked in to find this expansive, wonderful room all ours for the night, especially when you’re broke and forget what something better than a motel 6 looks like inside. We woke up Sunday to free breakfast, and drove home to Buffy’s sister-in-law’s (who is my hair dresser) surprise birthday party in Plano. After we were porked out on cake (even though, on the way there, we all took a vow not to eat any after we engulfed entire bags of m&ms, sour patch kids, bags of chips, and even.. the most glutenous of all.. raw cookie dough), we decided to end the weekend with a movie. We saw “Eat Pray Love”. I haven’t read the book, but I really enjoyed the film. How can you NOT love something with Julia Roberts?  It was really inspiring to me with my aspirations for travel and self-discovery.  We got home around midnight, and passed out. The whole weekend felt like such a vacation, and I was so thankful for the way that Buffy’s family just took us in and cared for us all weekend. A college kid just needs a little real life every once in a while.

Side note- I’ve been compulsively collecting coke reward points. So save all your coke points off of your bottle caps and 12 packs for me!

Last week of full time. Halle-freaking-lujah.

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