personal theology disguised as a study break

In the midst of studying, I felt the need to write. I have been studying alot of theories lately- mostly that related to early philosophers such as Thales, Socrates, Plato, Heraclitus [to name a few]. I find it marvelously intriguing the way that man has searched for the meaning of life through the ages. Through the study of these characters that have formed the way that society has viewed morale, I realize that man’s search is so timeless. With each new character to analyze, I find myself also questioning these things- what IS the meaning of life? IS everything around us “real”? And what can you even say IS real when everything is constantly changing?  Socratic method only leaves me, along with any other man with a thirst for something deeper, in a pit of questions; only to resort to realizing you really know nothing at all. It also makes me inquire whether this questioning is something religious or simply man’s innate need to know whether the chicken or the egg came first. This post is not much more than a dog chasing it’s own tail, but all I can think is that the only thing that man can  hope for in life is to create one’s own perception of what is “real”, and hope that the reality that we build around ourselves  is pleasant enough for us to be able to be who we truely are, and be okay with that at the end of the day.

One thought on “personal theology disguised as a study break

  1. I would strongly suggest Kierkegaard, specifically “Concluding Unscientific Postscript to Philosophical Fragments.” Subjectivity is Truth! In the LIKELY event you cannot locate this gem in your school library, I encourage you to seek it out in a more secular environment.

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