day 2.

Recently, I have recognized how dependent I am on caffeine. I’ve always recognized my constant desire to have a big gulp in my hand, but since college started, it has become a drug that effects more than just keeping my eyes open for study sessions. Last year, I was continually pulling all nighters to study for tests and finish homework, my caffeine consumption spiking up to almost a 12 pack a day. I know. I’m disgusted even writing that down. Since then, I can not make it more than a few hours without getting a fix of some sort without physically feeling the symptoms of my withdraws. So, after doing much research on what all this coffee and coke is doing to my body (not to mention how terrible the fake sweetners are), I decided it was time to get my life back in control. It is day 2 of my caffeine diet, and I have had a terrible headache since about 3 hours after my last sip of coffee. Ugh. But I’m working toward a healthy me. If anything, this is exactly why I will never ever try real drugs. I can’t even handle a diet coke.

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