remember to tip the piano man

I’m about to go to bed, but I thought I’d write a late night update while I’m finishing off my hot green tea. (I have been dubbed the ‘granny’ of the house because of my recent hot tea drinking habits). Tonight was so wonderful. I went with some of my closest friends for one of my room mate’s boyfriend’s birthday. We went to adorable pizza place in the Bishop Arts District, full of character and life. I had never been over in that area before, but the whole place has a very artsy, vintage feel. The inside was extremely cozy, and we enjoyed big pizzas on the second floor while being serenaded by the live piano player. We kept tipping him to take our song requests, in which he would gladly take the cash, wink, and smoothly say “thank you darling” on the mic-a reaction that kept us scrounging our wallets for more tip money.  We all sang songs, laughed, and took plenty of pictures. At the end of the night, we enjoyed a sundae that was of top chef stature. We later found out that it was rated Dallas’s best dessert.. and rightfully so. We departed with the guys, and headed home, happy and full.

And, to top off this surprisingly good Tuesday, I woke up to breakfast in bed that my room mate made for me. Warm, whole grain blue-berry muffins, frozen grapes, and juice. ahhhhh. 😀 I’m so thankful for my sweet, thoughtful, beautiful friends. I really am.

Annddd a few pictures from this weekend. I went to ATX and saw those Longhorns whoop some Wyoming heiny.

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art…. It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.  ~C.S. Lewis

2 thoughts on “remember to tip the piano man

  1. Thanks for keeping me (and all others) up to date on your activities, as well as your meaningful, inspirational musings. I love to log on to see what creative things you’re doing and are thinking.

    AND… thanks to your post, I “remembered to tip the piano man”. I was dining in a rather small, Italian restaurant (low-key, not upscale), where an elderly gentleman was “entertaining” us on an electronic keyboard. For the most part, it was a pleasurable background to the atmosphere. As we started to leave, I was like, “OH WAIT!?! Remember to tip the PIANO MAN”, Kendall says. So I dug around for some cash. Luckily I had a few dollars on me. I had a winning scratch-off ticket worth $5, but didn’t think it appropriate to leave that in the basket!

    Thanks for reminding me of my manners, and sharing your life with me! Love you! Bo

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