catch 13

The last few days have been full of lessons for me. I’m a big believer that if I write something down, it becomes more real for me, and a visual motivator to conquer something. So here we go, as you join me in my mental unloading.

1. If you pretend that you don’t have problems, then you will never actually get to a point where you don’t have them.

2. The amount of time you have been a Christian does not give you “seniority rights” to be able to sin more, but only more responsibility to show young Christians what a mature walk should look like.

3. Everyone is striving to be someone else, but if we just used that energy to be the best at OURSELVES, we could be more than we ever could have been as the shadow of someone else.

4. Being a true friend means not consulting your calendar when a problem with someone you love comes up.

5. You have to search your heart for your true intentions often enough that the things that come out of your mouth are always genuine.

6. Try to look at something that inspires you every day.

 7. One of the biggest hindrances in your own happiness is comparing.

8. The minute you say “I will never be like..”, you do.

9. I will never be able to make myself believe that I could be a tree hugger, no matter how many visits I make to Whole Foods instead of Albertsons.

10. Really listen when people are talking to you. There is no greater service you could for them.

11. You can not base yourself on your past accomplishments. No body cares how fast you ran sprints in highschool.. you have to always be working on something that defines you today.

12. Giving up caffeine is one of the most painful things you can do to yourself. And in the end, the most wonderful. But what I still wouldn’t give for an ice cold Coke Zero.

I site these lessons from everyone from colleagues to speakers to people who didn’t even know they taught me something… which brings me to my last lesson..

13. Your very life is a lesson for anyone who looks at it. Walk as a teacher of good.

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