Go girl, seek happy nights to happy days- William Shakespeare

This week has been one of the most insane weeks, academically, of my life. I only have a few hours of sleep for the entire stretch of the week thus far, but it’s finally over. Hallelujah. I had four tests in three days, the least of these tests counting a whopping 25% of my grade. I feel fairly confident about most of them, but I had to give up my no caffeine streak to get me through. Tonight I have initiation for all the new pledges. This year, I am getting littles (Greek form of little sisters). Once they are officially inducted into Alpha Delta Kappa, which of course MUST consist of some cheesy candlelight/potential cry fest  (didn’t you know it’s mandatory to make at least one person cry when you put 50 girls together at any given time?) , the girls will have their big sisters revealed to them. We (the returning members) have bought pairs of socks that will be given to our littles, and at the end of the night, the returners will put on the pair of socks that they bought, and we’re all going to cover up with a big sheet. With only our socks sticking out, the littles will have to pair themselves up with the matching socks of the returning girls. Once everyone is matched up, the sheet is removed, and the girls will then know who their big sister is. Everyone together now.. “awwwww”. Okay. This weekend, I’m going to Austin to celebrate my birthday with Clint. Since the actual weekend of my birthday is busy, we’re celebrating early, and, being one of those people who gets overly excited for their birthday for no reason, I’m so ecstatic. That’s something nice about having a boy; you always know that any holiday or birthday will be fun.  So in other news, the office that I work in is moving right now to a sister campus of ours, and I just finished boxing up more student files than you can imagine into color coordinated boxes. I will continue to be a secretary here, doing the same work as normal, just with almost all the adults in the office gone and working in Frisco. Needless to say, it will be interesting to see how my office functions with just the college workers left behind.  And is anyone sad that summer’s warmth is leaving, or am I the only freak around here that enjoys Texas heat? Because everyone around here is gleefully pulling out there sweaters and boots in the typical dramatics of Texans that believe that 80 degrees constitutes wearing their north face coats. I am not excluded from this bunch, but at least I don’t like it. Welppp, I’m glad to see that I’m getting so many views. I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be thinking about you all while I’m on fall break next week 😉

Also! There are some sandals that I saw someone where that I have been lusting over, and I looked them up online, and to my dismay they were about $250 too expensive. This last weekend, fashion fate stepped in and I found the exact shoes I wanted at Buffalo Exchange (a glorified vintage resale shop) for.. drum roll please.. $30. Brand new Tory Burch sandals for 30 smackers. Please forgive me for the bootleg ghetto picture from some purse website, its the only real picture I could find of them. They are the same shoe, but not as elevated off the ground. Ah, so beautiful.

thank you for reading. XO!

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