tour de tejas

I’m writing you now from the inside of the governor’s room in Austin, Texas. While fall break has freed me of most scholarly burdens, I am still plagued with a huge accounting project (shakes fist in the air), therefore I am studying with all the UT students while I secretly smile inside that I’m on a break and they’re not. Getting here today was quiet the journey, though. I have been feeling very queezy all day from a bad meal from the night before, but when one of my roomates announced that she was driving to austin today, and she had a free seat, I decided that my stomach was going to have to tough it out for the sake of saved gas money. Within 20 minutes of driving, I am blowing chunks on the side of the highway. Around the 4th time of my face becoming friends with grassy medians, I was extremely embarrassed and mumbling multiple mortified sorrys between new pieces of gum and mouth rinses. But I’m here, and just recently stomached my first meal of the day. I’m sorry if you were trying to eat while reading this. In other news, it is austin city limits this weekend, with days of concerts and festivities, so many of my good friends will be coming down here to play with me while Clint’s in class. I will also be visiting my bestfriend, Corie, tomorrow at A&M for some 2-steppin at her favorite country dance place. Hopefully our other bestfriend, Hannah, will be able to join us one night this weekend to go out to eat for my birthday. Speaking of birthdays, this last weekend was absolutely wonderful. Since the other weekends were busy around my birthday, Clint surprised me early, and I will tell you what, that boy knows how to spoil a girl. He took me jet skiing, to Rudy’s (which was my first time there, and I was sold after I figured out you didn’t use plates, and you got to eat with your hands), out to eat at Oasis later that night, and then out to some live music in downtown austin. I got the North Face backpack I had been wanting, along with some other goodies including some nike shorts and tyler’s shirt. Well, I have to finish and submit the tshirt order for the new greek life tshirts I designed before midnight, so until next time, I hope you have a wonderful week.

AND; thought I’d leave some pictures of some recent adventures.

  Got to spend some time with my cousins at a concert held at my school.

Out to eat with some of my roomates. Left to right- Buffy, Jennifer, Lindsey, muaahhhhh.


One thought on “tour de tejas

  1. Daughter, so sorry you have not been feeling well. I look forward to seeing you Sunday, and if you can bring the jet ski that would be awesome. If not, make sure to bring your special sandals so we can ooh and aah while roasting marshmellows.

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