happy hallo’weiny’

I wonder when I’ll be too old to celebrate Halloween, because I haven’t even reached the age that I believe to be too old to trick or treat. Why yes, judge me if you will, but me, Buffy, and Lindsey decided to dress up last night and spend the evening scaring all the parents in the neighborhood who expected to open the door to find a 3 year old Cinderella when the door bell rang and instead found 3 women over the age of 20 dressed as a fairy with an obnoxiously large afro (buffy), a 23 squeezed into an outfit with a tutu attached that once served as her older sisters dance recital outfit when she was in elementary school (Lindsey), and me in a head to toe hot dog suit with a small opening the bottom that required me to waddle to the door. After finally being rejected by a less than friendly adult who wouldn’t give us any candy, we decided to head back, buffy’s afro flopping, Lindsey walking with a little extra pep as to ensure that tutu would bounce to it’s maximum capacity, and me  waddling as quickly as possible to keep up with them. We came back to divide our bounty, which didn’t account for much more than a few packages of skittles, ate pizza and watched old sex and the city episodes until we fell asleep.  At this point, feeling like a child, until I am validated by a picture text sent to me by a good friend from another school dressed up as a penguin for their Halloween costume. Obviously I run with the more mature crowd. 

You know you wanted a picture..


Happy halloWEINY.  Donchyou smile:)

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