Welllllll hey there.

I’m sorry it’s been so long. Tumblr has temporarily stolen my heart, but I’ll try to be better at staying faithful to all you blog readers.

As a starter- I’ll give you a brief recap of my life as of late. Pictures will describe this faster, and then, I promise I’ll make more regular dates with my computer to update you.

(in no particular order)


Me and Janette at the Greek Ball. We had a professional dinner theatre and catered food. All the sororities and frats came.

Group shot of most of my Alpha Delts. They take over my life. In a good way.

I had the later part of Thanksgiving with Clint and his family. I shot a gun for the first time, although I wasn’t told that you weren’t supposed to put your face up to the scope. After being extremely startled by the kickback, and spending the rest of the trip with a swollen lump on my face, I was proud to say that I almost made bulls eye for my first shot.

Mine’s the bottom right. Boo ya.

His fam.

That handsome fiance of mine. Who looks like an old man in this picture. But I like it.

My office for the winter decorating contest. What a treat to get paid to make tissue paper puff balls.

Thanksgiving with the farmers. FFFs are always complete with lots of love. And lots of food.

Clint and I at the Snowflake Ball put on by ADK. It was at a nice place in Dallas, and was beautifully decorated. Definitely a night to remember.

Here is the picture described in my last post to give you a visual.

Christmas tree lighting. This is an event where everyone gets to put an ornament on the huge tree in the middle of our campus. We sing christmas carols and get carriage rides.

Clint and I had our engagement pictures taken by a friend of ours. They came out wonderfully.


Well that’s all. I must return to the books (I’m in the computer lab right now trying to cram for my English final at 8am tomorrow- BLECK).

MUAH! -k

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