More pictures of the weekend.

The non profit event was alot of fun, and we got to hear live music and talk with a bunch of different people. I ended up knowing a few through friends that I have in Dallas. What a small world. The pumpkin spice latte was to die for, and the music was wonderful.

Then, as if the creme, sugar, and caffiene weren’t enough, we went and got donuts for dinner. Not that I was complaining..

On Clint’s street, there is an electic wire that holds tons of different shoes. I’ve heard that back in the day, they used to throw certain types of shoes on the wires as a sign of what times of drugs were in the area.

This is of my sorority winning the best homecoming float award. We got 500 dollars, which goes towards paying for the supplies we used and other events.

The following are pictures I took today of the Christmas decorations that I helped put up all around campus. DBU is so splendid in the winter.

In our chapel lobby

Here are some other random ones from the weekend- enjoy.

One more final and I’m DONE!

One thought on “More pictures of the weekend.

  1. I hate to admit it, but your change from a business degree to artsy/fartsy stuff may be a good one. If your photos are any indication, you have a good foundation! Good composition and story telling. Keep it up and expand your boundaries!

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