Deck them halls, yall.

I’m finally done. Praise the laawwwdddd.

I’m going to be working full time over Christmas, but after finals, all I want to do is dedicate my time to something OTHER then a text book. I’ll also be thankful to make up the money that I spent on Christmas shopping. Having so many friends keeps me from being lonely all year, but it sure does get expensive around the time that the 1999 nsync holiday album hits my stereo. But the friends and family in my life are awesome, and I would spend twice as much if I could.

Clint finished and came home (if you call here home, I suppose) yesterday, and I’ll get to hang out with him for the next 2 days before he goes overseas for 3 weeks to see his parents and sister. Tonight, after I work, we’re going to visit some of our friends in Denton, including Clint’s best friend that will be in Iraq for 6 months in a few weeks. It’s so crazy to think of someone so close to me putting their life on the line in a different country. Is it weird that I find that thrilling? For some reason, doing things that don’t guarantee that I’ll come out alive really excite me. My poor mother.

I’m hoping that over the break I’ll have time to:

1. Make up for some crafting that got pushed behind marketing classes this semester. I went to my favorite stamp store yesterday called Paper Source in the North Park mall. It has the most beautiful and unique collection of everything from gold-plated paper to one of a kind organizing equipment. Going in there was like a breath of fresh creative air. I just about skipped home to my embosser.

2. Read a book. I keep starting all these different books and make it 20 pages in and realize I don’t have time to finish and slip it in as an addition to the half read literature pile that holds up my bed-side lamp.

3. One of my goals was to take a class, and I’m officially signed up for one, so that should keep me nice and busy. It’s just a crafting class that I have to take, but who’s complaining?! Your girl’s going to learn how to be domestic and make candles and sew quilts.  Whoot.

Currently listening to Pandora’s “Pop Holiday”.  You get it, Celine Dion.

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