And visual of my holidays:

At the Grand Prarie Lights with my wonderful brothers. Photocred to Papa Erm.

Brandon’s 3D glasses with the lenses popped out became the family’s photoprop for Christmas weekend.

Best. Dad. Ever.

Taken with my Nikon. Brandon as.. Santa?

Needless to say, the children of the Ermert home had no self control this holiday season. AND we made treats for our family. We just had a one for you.. anndddddd two for me sort of mentality.

Ugly sweater parties are always a must.

New years eve with my bestfriends (yes, we’re so close it’s morphed into one word) since Jr. High.

Riding the train to Victory Park in Dallas to watch fireworks and live music.

Me and the adorable Ms. Hannah.

Happy New Year.

Riding the train back with all our friends.

And other random holiday treats:

Fun girl’s night with all my best girls from school.

A date with Clint before he left for the Phillipines.

Family fun for Christmas.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.

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