I just woke up about an hour ago, and the sun was just coming up. I couldn’t sleep, so I bundled up and took a walk around on the ice sheets that cover the streets around my house. And when I say walk, I mean more of a continual glide. This activity was the farthest thing from an event that would help me get back to sleep afterward with the 15 degree weather and heavy wind. So here I am, an hour later, with permanently rosy cheeks and my fingers still regaining full mobility.  But my pain is your gain, because here I am to finally update you dedicated blog readers something to graze over with your morning coffee. Honestly, I absolutely hate the cold. Like, really hate it. I would gladly brave 100 degree weather everyday to avoid ever seeing a heavy coat again, but I would be lying if I said I’m not enjoying a change in scenery. Something about the slightest sign of something frozen gets Texans all squirrely and breaks the monotonous routine of everyday life for everyone. It’s refreshing.  I really just enjoy being in situations where I am forced to stray from my normal daily routines, even with undesirable conditions. I would never pick to be kept from seeing Clint for days or miss another week of class (last week was the flu, ugh), but now that the ice has settled in, I’m thankful for the schedule mix up. For the first time in a long time, I’ve had true fellowship with friends I don’t usually get to see outside of meetings or classwork assignments. You block a college campus’ ability to reach the chick-fil-a, and suddenly board games pop out. Earlier today, while my room mates and I were on house arrest because of the blizzard outside, and resorted to eating wheat thins to keep myself entertained, I just thought about how nice it was to be able to sit and just be with other people. Now, after finishing some sleepy time vanilla, I’m going to retire again for a few hours before making the trek into campus to work for the day. All the adults have off, but the student workers are forced to work, since it’s “easy for them to come in”. I beg to differ that it’s just as dangerous for us to get there on foot, seeing as I was in a security bus on the way to work yesterday that slid backwards down the hill in front of my house when I was taking a complimentary shuttle service that started after a student worker was sent to the hospital for busting their chin open on ice on their way to DBU employment. It’s not half bad though, without any calls or adults around. Yesterday I learned how to salsa. So thank you ice, for giving me all these new experiences. I give you a sassy little salsa shake in your honor.

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