stale bread and diet coke

A little peek into the recent events of my life:

Star wars pancakes Clint and I made.

And our new kitchen accessories.

Newest reading material.

And some random art I’ve been working on-

cross hatching

Watercolor on 18″x24″ matte board for a design project on abstract shape

Watercolor (just for fun). A quote found at a tea place that Clint and I love.

Contour drawing half way done (must be done without picking up your pen- except for the space that is in the middle of the watch- ie, the notches and clock hands)

Charcoal drawing on 28″x14″ of fabric. This was the first time for me to use charcoal, and it proved to be a very difficult art form, but I enjoyed trying.

I’ve been cranking out about 3 large art projects a week, and so I thought I’d give you a little sneak peak of some that I had to take pictures of to send my teacher on my Iphone. Next week is going to be hell academically, since it’s the last week before spring break, and it’s standard for teachers to kill you before any break so that you are left to simply catch up on lost sleep for the duration of your vacation time. Tomorrow I’m going to be spending my day at Barnes and Noble (as has become a habit of mine) and work on my social psychology paper along side my skinny vanilla latte.

Wedding plans have been coming along nicely, and I’ve been able to take a breather lately in that area. I still have yet to find bridesmaid dresses, but with every thing else seeming to piece together, I’m not too terribly rushed for that yet. I’ve been very thankful for all the support I’ve gotten from both families on the matter of matrimony, and I will just be happy to be married and living in Austin already.

Doing all this art has been incredibly amazing. I have found that most of what I’ve been doing lately isn’t what I’m strongest at, but that I love it all the same. Every day has been an intimidating event to me, and I’m thriving off the challenge of it. I feel as if school has turned into a test of skill that requires me to walk onto a chopping block 4 days a week as I am critiqued and compared to the inventiveness and skill of other students. And I love it. I have been pushed out of my comfort zone in so many ways, and this may be funny to say, but I believe that everyone has a deep passion in themselves that, unless satisfied or tapped into, facilitates in other things that create the illusion of passion. For example, I have always considered myself a very outgoing person. Time has shown myself to have a deep need to be involved in every club, social organization, help committee, student council, party planning… you name it, I’ve done it, and then some. For years, I’ve been bored out of my mind with classes that I would make A’s in, but had no real happiness out of, so I turned to friends and social activities to add excitement and purpose into my life. This was my illusionary life purpose. Ever since starting my art classes, I have found that my enticement with other people/events has dwindled dramatically. Frankly, I enjoy books and acrylic paint more than most people. I have found so much joy with creating and thinking and doing and planning and learning that I could care less who is decorating for the ball or what everyone is doing for the weekend. Hell, I didn’t even GO to the biggest social event of the semester simply because I wanted to stay home and draw, and I spend most nights creating art alone in the loft area of my house with the occasional visit with Clint that enables me to have my 1-2 real meals a week (I have learned to survive off of fiber one bars, apples, stale bread, and diet coke quite happily). *Sigh* I somehow always seem to get so deep in these things, and I just meant to quickly share some pictures with you. Well, at least you know I’m starving and happy, and that’s all that I could ever ask for.

2 thoughts on “stale bread and diet coke

  1. I really like the charcoal! In your focus on art and hermitage, remember that an undergrad degree is to provide a balanced education: Fine Arts, Politics, History, Science, Mathematics, and ENGLISH. 😉

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