spring break

The president of my sorority/my roomate turned 22, and we went out to a lovely restraunt to celebrate.

Me and a few of my roommates.

For Spring Break, Clint and I spent a few days in Austin. We just missed it too much.


I may or may not be addicted to guns after this experience. No one is safe now.




Recent happenings:

– Currently cleaning out my closet. Spring cleaning has a whole new meaning when it comes to my room. Oops.

– Clint and I signed for our new apartment that we will be moving into in August. It’s a 2 bedroom apt in a cute little woodsy area. It has a balcony that overlooks a canyon in Austin, and we even have a fire place! (Not that we’d even really need it, but it’s exciting just the same.)

– We have our venue for the wedding, and we’re just solidifying the details on decorations. Dress, photographer, and venue down. YES.

– Only 1 1/2 months left of school. It just flew by this semester.


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