I love these wedding colors. So bright and happy.

Speaking of weddings, here is what’s in the works:

I’m so happy to have my venue finally picked out and solidified. SO. HAPPY. I’ve been really stressed out over this whole process and that was the biggest weight on my shoulders. I’m finally excited and ready.

Clint and I have been going to premarital counciling. I was pretty nervous about this before we started. I was just so ready to answer some question wrong and be told that we were the worst couple ever and shouldn’t get married. To our surprise, after taking some lengthy tests, Father Gary (the guy marrying us/my dad’s bestie) informed us that we added up to be the most compatible couple he has ever counciled. YAY! Maybe we’ll make it after all! 😉 Now about that snoring problem though…

Some of my friends have a wedding shower and bachlorette party in the mix, and right when I’m thinking that it’s pretty far out to be planning something like that, I flip only a few pages into my planner beforeI am blatantly greeted by “THE BIG DAY” boldly scribbled and circled on that Saturday box. Wow. 4 months. Crunch time.

Now it’s time to look for the perfect pair of shoes to wear. A pair of flats, definitely, so I don’t look my groom eye to eye. For some reason, I feel like a pair of wedding shoes are just as important as the dress. They don’t have to be expensive, but I want them to be carefully decided on.

We have our apartment in Austin. It’s a two-bedroom apartment that’s small and cozy with a fire place. For some reason, this is my favorite detail, and I always manage to slip it in that we get a fireplace within the first few sentences of telling someone about my future life. “Ya, we’re getting married July 30th… and then we get a FIRE PLACE!” It is on the 3rd floor and over looks a heavily wooded canyon, and a balcony that juts right out into it. That’s what I love about Austin. We’re 5 minutes from down town, and we still get to live on the edge of a canyon. I regularly fanatisize about having a cup of hot tea out on that balcony. Mmm.

And flowers, SHEESH. I’d sooner pick dandelions than pay half my budget on the basic floral needs of a wedding. At least they would match the color scheme?

 I used to think that people were always really excited about your wedding when got engaged, but they aren’t, so I’ll spare you all the tedious details.  But all I’m saying is, I’m super excited about becoming a Hanna.

One thought on “wedding

  1. you’re getting married July 30??? oh my gosh that’s so soon! i’m so happy for you. and we all know that you and Clint are so dang compatible and great together 🙂
    love you and miss you

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