here comes the sun

So, I welcomed in summer by gorging myself with candy and watching Gossip Girl into the wee hours of the night with my best friends, and waking up to the glorious hour of 11am. Ah.

Now, with a little free time, I have set out to make my to-do list for summer, pay some bills, and answer some emails. And update you on my life, of course.. so I’ll knock that one out first. 

So, Clint’s cousin is in nursing school, and decided that she wanted to do her nursing internship at the same maternity clinic that Clint’s mother works at as a missionary in the Philipines. Since we’re friends on facebook, I decided to take a look into what the life of maternity clinic nurse in a 3rd world country looks like. I was taken aback by the beautiful pictures of these little tiny babies with their precious little hands and noses and… okay I’ll stop. But there was something so special to me about seeing a picture that captured the first few moments of life, and so cool to me that his cousin could help bring these babies into the world. These images have been on my heart and in my mind for weeks now… which is something I never thought I’d ever say, since I regularly threaten to leave my first born on my mother’s door step to raise. But for some reason, I have just been so enamored with babies lately, even to the point of vaguely considering being a nurse myself. Well, a few weeks ago, I had applied to be an intern for a photography company, but I hadn’t heard back for a while. Today I got a call from them offering me a job to take pictures at Methodist and Charlton hospitals of the new born babies! I would go in, shoot pictures of the babies alone and with the family, and then edit them at the office area that they have inside of the hospital, and give them to the parents! How perfect! I haven’t accepted quite yet, but I am excited to have the opportunity to look into a job that directly deals with my major.

Click here to look into what the company is all about, and oohhh and awww over the little nuggets of life:

Clint is taking me to get snowcones tonight at a Bahama Bucks near his house! I just can’t get over how perfect summer is.

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