slow dancing in a burning room

The doily lamp is complete. Kinda. I have securely plastered them to a balloon that is currently fashioned under my bed, drying. Cross your fingers with me that the whole experiment won’t collapse once the balloon is popped. I feel like most of my projects are destined to fail on me like that. DIY websites make everything look way easier than it is in actuality. But, we can only wait.

The save the dates are complete, and I am so excited to send them out. Once I can figure out how to get them through the mail. You’ll see.

I also saw X-men 2. You can only guess who’s idea that was… but, against my huge cloud of doubt, it was actually a very good movie. But I’m about action movie-ed out for awhile. And chick flicked out. Pretty much movie-ed out in general. But I’ve been watching House lately. The guy’s a jerk, but I kinda like it. I could never be mean like that, so I enjoy watching someone else get away with it (even as a cringe in awkwardness).

Also, I’m pretty obsessed with this girl. One of my friends goes to school at USC for music production, and this is his friend. I’ve been a creepy stalker of all her music, and so I think that you should too and watch this:

It’s 3am, and I’m tired. Me and Monday hate each other, so wish me luck.

love, KENNY.

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