I need a fleet of Marthas.

My pit and my peach of this week, so far, is as follows..

Peach: My doily lamp was a success, even if I was the most impatient person alive and popped the balloon before it was completely dry on the bottom and had to use super glue and a blow drying to cover up the evidence. It’s beautiful though. I’ll post pictures soon.

Pit: I have lost my planner. AKA, my entire encylopedia of wedding plan dates (ex: first look, alterations, hair appointment), phone numbers, and addresses. I feel like my world has fallen apart without it, and since Thursday I have continually felt that I must be forgetting to be somewhere without my moleskin telling me what I’m supposed to do with my life. WAHHHH.

Anyways:  I’m gonna need my bridesmaids to get cracking on making these cute lil thangs.

I also wish it weren’t so hot so that I could do something fun and outdoorsy without killing myself. The older I get, the less Texan I become.

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