Every heart beats true for that red, white, and blue.

This weekend was a weekend of firsts:

 I had my first look pictures this weekend. For those of you who are unaware of what this is, much like I was until someone caught me up to speed on 2011 wedding normalcies a few months ago, let me explain. Apparently it is a growing fad that, for weddings that do not provide much opportunity for intimate wedding pictures (ie: the boat), the bride and groom will take pictures together a few weeks before the wedding. This idea was strange to me at first provided that one of the few things I even knew about weddings, before starting this interesting journey, was that you are to hide that wedding dress from the groom’s eyes until the wedding like your life depends on it, or your marriage will be eternally doomed (depending on what region of the world you come from, this doom has varying degrees of severity). But after thinking about it some more, I decided that I would risk the taboo wraths of pre-marital dress revealing, and possibly have some pretty pictures of me in my dress (you know that it takes 5 staged tries to make a semi-attractive picture of cake being shoved in your mouth. How cute.) I won’t give away too many details of the shoot (I want you to have SOME element of surprise), but I will say that shooting pictures outside at in the boiling heat of noon in Texas, cocooned in a big ole wedding dress is enough to make a grown man cry. But it was fun, and we threw in a few twists that I’ll be excited to show you all at the wedding.

Another first includes going to the Dallas Aquarium! I was shocked that I had never been when the idea of going was brought up, but one of my friends assured me that it was perfectly acceptable regarding the fact that I had never been homeschooled, so that made me feel better. She, having been homeschooled in her childhood (and surprisingly normal after it) led us through the jungle of the Aquarium, since homeschool club had been 3 times before, and she was quite the expert on where EXACTLY the penguins were located. I was thankful for the guidance because I kept finding myself alone, staring at the baby monkeys, as everyone else had ventured off to the next exhibit. One of my favorite things to experience while I was there was the shark tunnel. It is an aquarium that has a tunnel through it, where you can see the beastly animals swim beside you, or over your head. I liked it so much because there’s something so thrilling about being able to be so close to an animal that would love to have you as it’s dinner.  I had a better time than I had even expected, and would love to go back sometime.

I saw the fireworks at the fair park for the first time. I’ve seen them at the rangers games,  little shows in shopping areas, and personal fireworks out in someone’s backyard, but never at the fair grounds (which were self-acclaimed as the biggest/best firework show in Dallas). The fireworks were beautiful, but the traffic coming in and leaving was absolutely horrid. We had to park miles away from the actual show because every family in the DFW area came and parked on every square inch of the surrounding  5 miles of the show.  We sat amongst the families with their lawn chair and coolers full of beer and fried chicken, with their kids in old navy’s annual 4th of July shirts, and it made me reminisce about the old days when I was that kid, so happy to sit on top of a beat up van to watch explosions in the sky. Since when did I get old enough not to have a fourth of July outfit handmade for me and predetermined chorography to Chelsea’s productions of Grand Ole Flag? Good thing I have Bobo to remind me of the good ole days with this keeper:

Have a wonderful week, ya’ll.

XO, Kendall

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