Clint and I have talked alot lately about our calling, as Christians, to not only go to church and do the “right things”, but to take the Truth that we have learned to other countries. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a Texas girl, born and raised and the idea of going to a foreign countries with no showers, no family, and no familiar language for an extended amount of time is pretty scary to me. But no matter how much I allow fear to put this idea on the shelf, I have this itch inside of my soul telling me that I need to get out. I have no preference of location, or duty, I just know I have something put inside of me that desires to serve.. and serve somewhere that makes me scared out of my mind. I hate it. I’ve been told that that’s when you know it’s from God… when what you need to do is uncomfortable  or undesirable to your safety, your comfort, or your own desires for life.

I recently stumbled into a series of videos that really inspired me:







One thought on “inspiration

  1. This is beautiful, we don’t know eachother but I’m always blown away when God brings other people, who are also strong believers, into my life randomly. Without rhyme or reason, perfect strangers who wind up being so inspirational and uplifting in their faith. I think this new feeling you’re having is pulling you to do something big! Where God guides He provides. Let go of fear, grab onto faith. I support you 110%!

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