oh, nevermind.

I have started this blog entry many times, but found it quite intimidating to try and catch my small, but growing, group of followers up on what has happened to me since my last posting… to the extent that I found fitting. I have, after the beginnings of what would have been a 5 page biography of the newly married life of Kendall Hanna, I decided that I wasn’t going to update anyone at all. This is for a few reasons. 1- the fact that most of anyone who is currently getting paid at work while reading this… don’t deny it… were most likely directly involved in my wedding process, and therefore do not need to be updated. 2- have been contacted via one of many social networking facets about my life as of late and.. 3- I truly believe that no blog entry could quite capture what the last 2 months of my life have been like. And at this point, where everyday of my new life leaves me with different feelings and thoughts than the day before, I’m at a loss of interest to reenact the past, but am trying to manage the today.  I will try to be more regular in my postings, so that this doesn’t happen again.

I will tell you about the today, though.

Though my natural reaction is to gravitate to identifying myself with the fact that I just got married, I feel like that hardly depicts who I am. Though all of my recent events are direct causes of that decision, from living in a new city, to starting over at a new university, to moving into a new apartment, to getting a new phone plan, insurance, license, security card, bank account, job, and set friends, I have found more connection to the challenges I am learning to conquer, and the joys I have witnessed than changing my last name (that being counted as one of the joys witnessed.. even though people seem to misspell Hanna just as much).

Today I live in Austin, Texas. A city booming with creativity and life. A city of starving artists and rich fratstars. A city that is unapologetic. A city that makes you want to conquer the world. A city that makes you want to sip coffee in your vintage clothing and raybans, and do nothing at all. I love this city. Where we used to be long lost lovers, I am now becoming confortable friends with, though it will take some more time before I can claim myself to be an Austinite. I may need to start smoking to do that. I live on the second floor of an apartment building about 10 minutes away from campus. There’s traffic of all hours of the day, something I didn’t even see living in Dallas, but the drive is more interesting here. There’s bound to be some quirky graffiti art or suggestive billboard to stare at. My apartment is homey. It’s two-bedroom, one for the master, and one for a small office. We have found this to be quite useful as the school year has hit us full swing, and having a separate room to study in/do art projects in has been very nice. That is where I’m typing this right now. Our kitchen is pretty old school, which I found to be cute when we first moved in, but after a few burnt meals on a gas stove (an animal I’ve never had experience taming), I quickly changed my mind. One of the best parts about the apartment is the balcony. It isn’t anything spectacular, but it’s big enough to have a table and chairs where you can have some tea and late night conversations under the stars. It has a wonderful view out into thick trees; something I find us to be lucky to have in the midst of a large, overpopulated city. Clint has creative freedom over this area of the house, so there are 5 different strings of lights (one being large light up cowboy boots and cactuses that I got from church in Jr. High), frisbees on the wall, an Indonesian flag, mounted water buffalo horns, and a starwars clock. Sort of an outside mancave, since I took it upon myself to decorate every other inch of number 269, and Clint needed somewhere to maintain his college male “treasures”. He loves it, and it’s cute to see him religiously watering his basil (that we both suspect is already dead), and nailing up yet another string lights. We also have a fireplace. I think I have mentioned that before, but I’m glad that I have something to look forward to for winter, since I absolutely dread the season. I really like our place. And I like that it’s mine. But my “home” button on my GPS will always be set to Arlington.

Until next time, here is an interesting video I’m currently obsessed with:




One thought on “oh, nevermind.

  1. Two comments: 1) You have a gas stove? That is excellent! Much better heat control. Wanna trade? 2) Home is where the heart is. Arlington is where you grew up (for the most part) and where your favorite father resides, but your home address will change. Put a picture of Clint on that GPS.

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