Was it only by dreaming or writing that I could find out what I thought? -Joan Didion

I’ve been having very vivid, and strange dreams lately. Dreams that have kept Clint and I both up by either me violently hitting him, under the impression that I’m getting attacked by bees.. and then spending the rest of the night hiding under my covers absolutely sure that the bees would find me otherwise, or by me randomly sitting straight up in bed trying to explain some random thought my dream state deemed as worthy of sharing. Apparently I sat up in bed the other night, and as Clint says, was very concerned while reporting to him that “Artists just work so hard, and no one understands them”. In my psychology class today, after a particularly plagued night dreams.. in which Clint kept being woken up by me hitting myself and  then later asking why he wasn’t designing me a dress for his graduation like he was for his sisters, we visited the subject of dreams. I was immediately excited, until I realized that Frued decided that everything I dreamed about had to do with some latent obsession with genitals, and I went back to doodling in my spiral. But it did make me curious why I was having such powerful dreams, and what the connection between them was. I decided that this was something I wanted to investigate on my own, without the aid of internet dream thesauruses or my psychology book with their typical generic meanings that somehow blanket any dream you could be having into the referral to birth or sex. Dreams are so interesting to me. The act of your brain living an entire different reality that is powerful enough to wake me from my sleep and make me believe, that even in my awake state, that the dream was real. I’m going to try to document my dreams better so I can maybe catch a glimpse of what’s going in my subconscious. But I’m going to take some sleep aid tonight so that it’ll knock me out enough to allow me.. and Clint.. to sleep without the 3 am violence.


Well, off to a night of Tylenol PM bliss. Goodnight.


Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. – Edgar Alan Poe

2 thoughts on “Was it only by dreaming or writing that I could find out what I thought? -Joan Didion

  1. Other suggestions for dream photos: teeth falling out and falling off a building. Oh, and Fergie with that cherry stem on the Dr. Pepper ad.

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