spark notes version of a perfect week

May I just say, this last week has been simply wonderful. My happiness can be credited to the following events:

– GETTING. A. JOB. (a million exclamation marks afterward). I wanted to save this bullet for later on in the list for dramatic effect, but I just couldn’t keep from tying it anymore. Since before I moved to Austin, I’ve been searching for something, with absolutely no luck. I tried the nanny thing, I tried the retail thing, I tried the front desk girl at a hair salon thing, but in a college town with 45,000 other students in need for work, I was becoming pretty discouraged. A girl in one of my classes heard that I was looking for a job, and asked if I would be interested in applying at her work, since they were hiring. “The hours are kinda late, but it’s great pay! I’ll put in a good word for you!” “So, late hours? Is it waiting tables or something?” “Uhmmmm… kinda….” “Oh, where do you work?” “This place called Fast Eddies.” “Ohhh…” Has it really come to this? Girls at school offering me stripper jobs under the guise of being a “waitress”? Do they call you that so that you can, with complete honesty, tell your parents that you’re a waitress instead of a stripper? Or so that you can put your former position as “waitress” on your future job applications. But don’t you think that previously working at “Fast Eddies” would give it away? Do you think that they care if people knew they were a stripper in the first place? I’m too ADD, listen to the girl Kendall. “Ya! You might not get home til 3 or 4am some nights, but it’s alot of fun! I’m sure they would hire you.” I’m sure they would. “Oh, okay thanks. I’ll tell you if I end up applying.” Toto, I don’t think we’re at DBU anymore. “Ya definitely!” Well, when I came home to tell Clint that the only job opportunity that seemed to be in my horizon was working at Fast Eddies, he seemed to be a little less pressing on the job front. I continued to apply for various babysitting/nannying/retail/secretary positions (really, anything that I could work part-time and still go to school), with no results. Casually, during prayer requests in my small group, I mentioned that it would be much appreciated if they would pray about my job situation, and to please keep their ears open for any potential job options. While in class on Monday morning, I got a voicemail from one of the ladies who is in my small group. Once class was over, I stepped outside to hear what it was that she was calling for.  She needed a personal assistant to help with things around the office of her self-owned PR company, and was wondering if I wanted to fill the position. I was elated. Gosh, God, I knew you listened to prayers, but ya did me real good this time. I called her back, accepting the job, and she asked me to come in that very afternoon to start! So I spent the rest of the day running various errands, meeting some of the people who work under her, and (because she’s getting married next month) helping her with her vendor spreadsheets, guest card attendance, and researching the perfect shoes for her to wear with her vintage lacy gown. Why couldn’t I have had a personal assistant when I went through my wedding process?  It was honestly a dream come true, being in this office, buzzing with energy and.. well… personal relation.  And then when she told me that she was going to be paying me 11 dollars an hour to sit at my own desk, in this beautifully modern office, being her personal shopper, helping her plan her wedding, and going to get flowers for her office, I about dropped to the floor. As I was about to leave for the day, she commented that she liked the background of my macbook. “Oh, I designed that.” “Really? That’s really good. I wanna see some of your other stuff.. maybe we can put you on some design projects.” Pinch me, I must be dreaming. So, later that week, before my trip to kinkos to pick up some client’s work and returning one of her wedding gifts to crate and barrel, I got to design one of the posters they have up in the office. I’ve done plenty of design work for classes before, but nothing I was paid to make, so I was pretty nervous about giving her the finished product, complete with a few suggestions on a few changes I thought should be made to the original idea to attract the crowd she was going for,  but she seemed to really like my work, and took the suggestions and ran with them. Oh, thank goodness I’m working for someone who gladly takes critique. She has since put it in one of her main frames to showcase, which was such a visual accomplishment for me to witness. My own personal work is up in a business office. YES. So, I’m one happy girl. One happy, employed girl.

Wow that update was alot longer than I planned out in my head (I routinely contemplate how I am going orchestrate my blog entries long before they are ever typed into reality).  I’ll try to speed the next couple of bulletin points up.

-Thursday night I went to a Christmas card crafting class at Paper Source that I signed up for in hopes of inspiring myself to make everyone I love alittle homemade joy this year. I was easily the youngest person there, but I have accepted my grandma tendencies. I fit right in with the other 25 stamp-crazed 30-50 year olds, tipsy on the free wine, and going to town on the glitter. We were taught how to make a few different styles of Christmas cards, and introduced to new crafting techniques (and all the millions of supplies to choose from). Call me old-fashioned, but there is something so dear to me about crafting, and making something personal for people. After walking out with some new cards, new friends, and a few new crafting supplies to add to my home Hobby Lobby, I got to hang out with Whitney, Paul, and Rachel. We listened to records of covers of Junior Kimbrough’s classics and ate rocky road out of the carton. I wish rocky road had less nuts and more marshmallows.

– Clint surprised me Friday, after coming home from work, with an early birthday celebration. I was happy to be genuinely surprised.  How can one truly be surprised that their significant other would do something for them on their actual birthday. It’s expected. But 8 days early? My, my.. you’ve out-done yourself. I came home to streamers, flowers, and a night of sushi, shopping with my new stack of 20s, and a few 21st birthday margaritas. And the perfect thing about having my birthday so early is that I get the rest of the week to continue to be a birthday diva until my bestfriends come to Austin to help me celebrate all over again.

– The rest of the weekend was equally as lovely. We slept in til the ungodly hour of 1pm, and then proceeded to our favorite cafe for our new-found nirvana: cheese soup. After recieving my birthday money the night before and announcing that I wasn’t going to spend it, because I had to think of something good to spend it on… Anthropologie on Saturday made me a fool. Of course, they had to be having a sale on their beautiful sweaters, taking them from grossly over expensive, to just plain expensive. But, as Anthro routinely makes me do, I caved and used my birthday money to buy a fuzzy, striped beauty. Anthro, you devil. Then we went to REI to peek at the tents, and on to sip on iced coffee while reading books of recipes and interior design at a hipster book store next door. After some torchie’s tacos and icecream for dinner, we headed home to watch Bridesmaids. Watch it, if you haven’t. It was one of the best Saturdays I’ve had in a long time.. just being able to have the day completely open to hang out with my cute lil hubby.

-Today was our marriage class and running to HEB to get the ingredients to make us some Sunday lunch. Today’s menu was homemade tomato soup with fresh basil and croutons, and grilled cheese sandwiches. MMM. I was happy to wake up to cool weather, allowing me to sport my new Anthro purchase (instant gratification), and indulge in HOT coffee. It’s funny how exciting this was for me.. getting my first black coffee starbucks drink of the season. And here I am, now, using my blog entry to distract myself from all the homework I should be doing, but this week is going to be a busy one, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to give you guys the blogging attention you need. (Did I mention that I got almost a hundred views on my last blog entry? You guys are beyond amazing.)


I’ll update you all about my birthday festivities in the week to come. Thanks for reading.



p.s. Dad, you didn’t comment on my last blog. You’re slacking.



One thought on “spark notes version of a perfect week

  1. The new job sounds just PERFECT for you! It is so rare to find a job that is fun as well. On a related note, I am very happy that stripping is off the table. Have a wonderful birthday week my daughter!

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