i love that i love my job.

I’m a year older than the last time you heard from me. And a year wiser?.. *raises eyebrows in hope of validation*. Well, in either case, this new chapter in my life (since I’m young enough to count each year as a new chapter) has started very nicely. My assistant job recently became a permanent digital design job (paying over double.. cha CHING!). I never thought I could be so happy at a job. I get to work all day on designing things that will be sent out to hundreds of people, on top of being able to run all kinds of fun errands for my boss. The other day, I spent 6 hours straight with a pair of sissors, measuring tape, and a roll of fabric with the instruction to make all kinds of different textile projects for her upcoming wedding. Like… what? Every day is different from the day before, and it’s always exciting to walk into the office. I really couldn’t be luckier.  Here is a preview of the most recent mail out I designed for a company called Far West Capital.

That’s all for now. I’m about to start a new book called “We Need to Talk About Kevin” that was suggested to me by a friend.


Side note:

Here is the beginning preview of my online portfolio. Still in the makings, but if you’re interested:


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