Just got home from visiting the family in Dallas, and Austin greeted me with some dreary, damp weather. The kind of weather that requires a blanket and a good book. This was the perfect weather to encourage me back into some long over-do creativity. Without the option of exploring outside of the house, I was left to find things that I need to create. This particular crafting bender inspired me to repaint.. everything. I’m heading to home depot to hopefully pick up some paint to sprig up an old dresser, and a mirror that I bought a few years ago in hopes to “create a mosiac on”. Psh. Like that ever happened. So maybe a new layer of paint is within my creative labor limits. I’m also hoping to make yarn branches. It’s where you wrap dead branches with different colored yarn. Sounds strange, but it’s pretty stinkin adorable… and fall-sy. I’ll post pictures when I’m done to cure your doubts.

Oh, design sponge, you’ve spoiled me.


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