Greetings from Space City.

I am writing all of you from the armpit of Texas… Houston. (Second to the armpit known as Waco… my apologizes to those of you who committed the best years of your life to that city.) Contrary to my frizzy hair (complimentary of my humid visit), and inability to find a decent coffee shop (forget the prospect of anything cozy or underground), I have had a pretty decent time here thus far… for the whole 2 hours I’ve been out of the car. Random people have come up to chit chat with me. Whether I seem particularly inviting today, the people here are friendlier, pre-mature Starbucks Christmas music puts everyone in a euphoric mood, or Houston residents have a weird interest in people from the University of Texas (regarding the shirt I decided to sport today, and therefore, conversation starter), I haven’t decided, but everyone has been extremely pleasant. I am here for Clint’s potential job situation; consequently, I will be stuck here for the remainder of the day, sipping on endless fraps, finishing an 8 page psychology paper attempting to outsmart Freud and write up a personal theory of what drives people *intimidated sigh*, praying I won’t get towed for the 30 minute parking spot, and working on graphic design projects for 2 of my “clients”. Can I call them that.. since they are technically my bosses? I mean, they hired ME. Hmmm.

Well, I wanted to share a blog that has the DIY inspiration of one of my favorite stores.

This blog makes me happy. I love high fashion mixed with vintage/cheap/homemade things. Really, I think I like it the other way around. Vintage, and secondhand splashed with alittle bit of high-fashion glamour. It makes me want to be a fashion photographer. Or a fashion editor who gets to make the blog for a place like Free People. Or a fashion designer. Or a store decorator.  Really, I just want to design and make everything in the world. Which is the reason that I’m already religiously researching exactly what I want my future home to look like. Anything that allows me to capture/create something homey or beautiful is my absolutely favorite thing in the world. I’m a just a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

Also, just to further explore photoshop, I found a graphic design challenge that gives you broad assignments of inspiration for you to complete. This one was titled “Self Discovery”. In regards to this time of my life, this is what I came up with:

It won’t let me type under the picture for some bizarre reason, so I will say my partings now:

Everyone have a lovely day, and keep warm.

Love, K.


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