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Hello there readers. Today is super bowl Sunday, and I’m pretty happy I have absolutely no plans of watching the game at all. So, instead, I’ll give you girls (or guys..) some entertainment to scroll through on your phone while you pretend to care how many yards that last pass was. So eat your free food and booze, and enjoy the fashion.


I’m pretty crazy about this new Australia Vogue cover.

This picture just really makes my day. How lovely.

I just love autumn outfits (ie: Texas winter outfits). And black pants. And pretty scarves. And laid back looks. Okay, and the short boots.

I love the casual cuteness, and the mix of prints.

While this comes off as a little too formal for me, I love the details in the floor and ceiling.

Tribal print. All day.

Okay, it’s 45 degrees out today, give me a break. I just love sweaters, okay? And dogs. Oh, how I love dogs.

I wish I could change my nail color everyday to match my purse. Or not carry so much crap that a clutch is out of the question.

This is my dream.

And about this weekend, it was pretty great. Friday I worked most of the day on finishing up a blog entry for my work, finishing up some design with a client, and getting my application for my passport! That night Clint and I decided to do a little cooking together, and watched a scary movie. Okay, it wasn’t that scary. Saturday, Clint took me to the art museum to check out an event there were having where different musical and dance talent from around Austin came to perform. We had a good time walking through the different rooms and being greeted with diverse musical talent. I’m learning how to lay the guitar right now, and having immense trouble making a C chord sound beautiful gives me great appreciation for musical artists. I also love using the museum as an excuse to try out some crazy fashion trend. In rooms full of daring art people, I feel like it’s a safe transition ground. This time it was the ever so popular “new york bun” and bright red lipstick. Today was church and back to the grind, with a list of things that need to be done before the week begins (including finishing my handmade Valentines cards. You know I can’t go a holiday without that).  This next week will be full of dinners with friends, design work, and traveling to see my friends for birthdays and a Valentine’s ball.

Enjoy your stupid football game.

XOXO, kendall.

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