a few of mine

EDIT; word press is slacking on me, and doesn’t show these in high-res. so sorry about the fuzziness guys.

Here are a few of my own pieces that I’ve been designing in the last couple of weeks.

This was sent out as part of a business mail out, along with a Barnes and Noble gift card as a thank you for business referrals.

Here is the front side.

Here is part of one of the projects I’m working on for Heart Gift, the non-profit I have been working with. Some of the pictures are low quality, but it is because that is all the organization had access to, considering where some of the children are from. You should read through some of their stories. It just breaks my heart. Email me if you have a desire to support their cause.

This is the front of a post card I designed for a company called ARA. This, when sent out, had an address label in the middle and a stamp.

This is a business card I designed for a man who wanted to focus his design around an “eye” shape. I decided to take an abstract focus instead, since editing an eye was freaking me out. He liked it, so we both won.

This is the front of the card. The dimensions are 3.5″ x 1.5″, making it thinner than your typical business card. It makes someone’s card stand out though. And isn’t that the point?

Here is a full size ad I just designed for a business magazine, with a little design help from my dad.

Also: I’m excited to be added to the website as the official graphic designer! Check it out.


And here is the first blog I got to write for the company.


That’s all for now.

xoxo. k.

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