graphically correct

So… I have been debating creating a fashion blog, but haven’t been brave enough to pull the trigger, but this week has really inspired me to just dive in. I have had two complete strangers request to take a picture of what I’m wearing in the last 3 days. The first was when I was returning something at the mall. This twenty-fiveish looking woman poked on my shoulder while I was perusing sale shoes at Nordstrom, nervously asking  if I wouldn’t mind posing for her Iphone picture. The second (today) came from a woman in a book store I was working on design work at. While getting my coffee (black with one splenda) she pulled out her camera and, with much more confidence than the last woman, asked me to stand in a few different positions so she could blog about my style. UHM, YES YOU CAN. What a compliment. Clint can shake his head about these events (he would far prefer me in a tshirt and no makeup… in a sleeping bag…) but I can’t help my excitement for apparel.

Well, on to my other love: design. Here are a few gems I’ve been loving lately.

I love designers that work outside of the box. Literally.

Juxtaposition at it’s finest.

I am in love with simplicity in graphic copy. It’s so clean and sophisticated, as if it doesn’t have to prove itself.

I enjoy the extreme creativeness with so few things.

This is one of my favorites. I love the colors and that you can read through the design. It was such a simple and beautiful way to spice up a page of text without being too distracting. I need to copy this on something.

Isn’t this just lovely?

I don’t know why all of these are so small? But I love geometric shapes in design.

First of all, I’m obsessed with anything that has to do with mail or letters. And I super like vintage nautical inspired things. So this is a perfect marriage of the two.

This is so fun! It would be cute to send in the mail, and put a letter in the folder. Hmmm…

Anyways, I had a lovely Valentine’s day. I hope you all did as well. And maybe you got a lil hand crafted love from me too. I just love… love. Okay, enough girly-ness for one post. Ga’day.



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