easter weekend.

With Clint and I both in and out of town lately, we decided to dedicate this weekend to some quality us time. It’s cute to me that we are our own immediate family now, starting our own traditions for holidays. We got some to-do’s knocked off the list, and took naps when we wanted to.

With Houston taking over my mind lately, I am constantly on Pintrest, Design Sponge, and picking out paint swatches at Home Depot to try and plan out our new home. This keeps me distracted enough not to freak out about moving (more than I already do). I love planning home interiors, and if there’s something that gets me excited, it’s garage sales and antique stores. So while I love the hunt, and Clint loves the good deal, we spent our Saturday tracking down garage sales throughout Austin.

Leaving to garage sale!

Dress: american apparel. Shirt: pacsun. Purse: marcjacobs. Sunglasses: rayban. Shoes: toms.


Here are some treasures we found:

We found these antique folding crates, and I just about fell on the ground in joy. We got them both for $35, which is pretty expensive for a garage sale but I find to be an absolute steal. I have been eyeing some  faux antique crates from Anthropologie that are quadruple the price. And I just love things that have a story behind them, and have been worn out with use, not manufactured that way. It makes them so warm and full of personality. I’m hoping to use them to put books on in my new office.

Check out these vintage wicker chairs. We got the two of them (they’re stacked for lack of current room) for $15. I am hoping to have them inside with some big colorful pillows to decorate them. There is a growing trend of wicker for inside furniture, and I thought these quirky little things would be perfect in our new sitting room (and WAY cheaper than buying two new chairs from the store). Success.


Other deals of the weekend:

I fell in love with these shoes a while back, but couldn’t rationalize buying a pair of $90 shoes that wouldn’t be able to match with.. well… everything in my closet. But when these went on sale this weekend for $19, I snagged em. They’re so fun! Now to figure out what the heck they’ll go with…

I tried these on, was amazingly surprised by how comfortable/easy to walk in they were, despite their height, but couldn’t find the box they belonged in. An employee found the box, but they were $100. She said they were the last pair, so I should see if they might be on sale. Went up to the register to find out they were 19 bucks. CHA-CHING. I’ll take em off your hands, Urban Outfitters.


This morning, we went to The Stone for church, and was excited because they were having their service in the Frank Erwin Center (the UT basketball stadium). It was an incredible turn out. I am so deeply touched when large groups of people come together in the name of God, and was prayerfully hoping that the service would touch those people who only came to church as an Easter tradition. The service was amazing- explaining the difference between religion and the gospel. It was so refreshing to hear such an authentic teaching of the meaning of Easter, not just a feel good service to lead into more candy-gorging. It’s such a treasure to worship next to my husband and hear about God’s amazing forgiveness. It really floors me.


Clint volunteered to take pictures of my Easter outfit to blog about. What a sweetie.


Dress: forever 21. Belt: jcrew. Jacket: thrifted. Necklace: juicy couture. Shoes: toms. Watch: michael kors. Bracelet: henri bendel. Purse: michael kors.


After church, we went to get some good ole Kerbey Lane. Delicious.


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. As always, thank you for reading.

xoxo, k.


2 thoughts on “easter weekend.

  1. What is your shoe count up to now? I love those crates!!!!! Are you going to need two moving trucks now to go to Houston? Beautiful Easter photos.

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