all about the statement

While I usually like understated jewelry, I have been trying to pull my statement pieces back out since they’re coming back into style.

I got this piece at Anthropologie. Check out their spring collection of jewelry here– there are some beautiful statement pieces you can rock. And this season is about mixing up colors and patterns. Not matching is matching these days. So don’t worry about color coordination as much, just have fun!

In other news:

I split my skirt open in a business meeting yesterday. Right down the bum. I was mortified. I haven’t quite mastered the art of safely bending over in a pencil skirt. Ouch. But at least Jcrew is gracious and is fixing it for me for free.

And the hairdresser that gave me such bad service before I went to New York called and is scheduling me a complementary hair appointment for next Monday. That’s nice, since he bleached my hair without cutting it. But as of Monday, I’ll be nice and split-end free.

This weekend is going to be dedicated to friends that I haven’t seen in too long. Living in Austin has made it so difficult to be around the women I love as much as I want to. But I continually appreciate all the people in my life that stay present through letters, late night phone calls, and random funny texts. They make me feel at home when I’m hundreds of miles away.


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday. I’m off to yoga (FWP?)


xoxo, k.

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