pink pants, pies, and dance moms

Yesterday was such a wonderful day. It was full of two of my favorite things: friends and food.

I started out the day rocking my new coral pants. I wanted to mix them with some print, being a cheetah kinda day (if you know what I mean), this is what ended up coming together.

Never serious for too long.

Outfit: (click on the links to buy these items yourself!)

pants: jcrew 

shirt: jcrew

shoes: urban outfitters- jeffery cambell

scarf: from nyc, but buy a similar one here 

bracelet: jcrew

Then, while at work, the Pie Society came to sample us some of their delicious pie bites. This was obviously too much excitement for me to handle. We got to try a dozen different types of pie. And of course, they won me over by the cute size and clever names. We tried everything from dessert pies to pie bites with tomato and basil inside. They were all insanely delicious, and our office will definitely be ordering them soon (and delivery is FREE!). Thank you, Pie Society!


Then, after work, Clint and I went to Quincy and Luke’s house for dinner. If there are two things I can’t turn down they are: A glass of wine and Quincy Cooper’s cooking. Q, being far more domestic than myself, cooked us Gyros.

She’s hot and she cooks? Luke is a lucky man.

Okay, let’s be honest… I really only go over there to see this face.

After dinner, we were given the option of two shows to indulge in: Swamp People or Dance Moms. Never having seen Dance Moms before (which is considered a mortal sin in the Cooper household), I opted for the latter. I was quickly sucked into this world of nine-year-olds dancing themselves into body positions I didn’t think were physically possible. And what is a “reality” TV shows without the drama mamas? These mothers have more fiestiness than Housewives of LA, if you can fathem such a thing. Sorry, future daughter, you’re not going to be in dance…  Another glass of white wine and 5 pre-tween dances later, it was time to go. But stay tuned: next Thursday may bring you a detailed commentary of Swamp People. You never know with those Coopers.

Now off to pack for a weekend with old friends and new memories!

xoxo, k.

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