this is where I brag about how cheap my outfit is

Okay ladies. I have been asked more time than I can count how I am able to afford the various designer items I have. And I am going to reveal my secret: Buffalo Exchange. This upper-class thift store is your personal ticket to fashion on a budget. You can find brand new name brand clothing for a fraction of the price. Granted: I have found that visits there can be very hit or miss, but when it’s good- it’s goooood.

Here are a few of my favorite Buffalo purchases.


This is the part where I brag about how cheap I got this outfit.

Sleeveless Trench: For Cynthia

I bought this jacket at the Buffalo Exchange in New York City for $40, right after I had been lusting after the same one at a designer shop for $400 earlier that day. It pays to deal hunt, yall.

Shirt: H&M – $25

Scarf: Burberry

I have been looking for a silk scarf for a while. And then I found a deal that was sent down from the heavens. I bought this scarf at the Buffalo Exchange in Austin for $6. SIX DOLLARS. It still had the tag on it for $215.

Sunglasses: Free People – $30 on sale

Pink Bobby Pins: Jcrew- $5

They have them right now, and I absolutely love them.

Shoes: Tory Burch

These were purchased at the Buffalo Exchange in Dallas for $50. They were also new and with the tags on them, racking up a would-have-been cost of $275. Thank you, spoiled Dallas girl who bought these and never wore them so that I could buy them new for a FRACTION of the cost.

Now, stop shopping at Nordstrom, and go to Buffalo for your Spring wardrobe.

xoxo, k.

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