How Pintresting

I wrote this blog for work, and thought I’d share.


Pinterest is a rapidly growing social photo-sharing site with the goal of connecting the world through visual representations of people’s interests.

Its pin-board style of sharing photographic ideas, in which people can “re-pin” or “like” pictures from other Pinterest users all across the world, makes it easy to collect and share ideas. While many people think of Pinterest as a highly addictive site full of beautiful luxuries, tempting its users to dump all their savings on the table for a home makeover or the perfect skinny jeans, Pinterest isn’t just about throw pillows and knitting projects. Pinterest has proven itself to be a wonderful medium for personal wellness.

With a huge portion of the internet’s health, fitness, and wellness blogs combined together in one website, Pinterest can help you become healthier, one pin at a time:

1. Healthy food options: A large portion of Pinterest focuses on food. This is a very easy place to find healthy recipes, facts on food, and nutritious food plans that have been tried and reviewed by users. Most of the pictures of food on Pinterest lead to the full websites that provide further nutritional information and recommendations for other health-savvy websites.

2. Workouts: Pinterest is the ultimate go-to for workout boredom. No matter what you’re interested in, there is a workout for you waiting to be utilized. There is everything from yoga, running, and mountain biking to quick workouts for people who only have fifteen minutes to spare for a workout on their living room floor. There are also tips on how to burn more calories during everyday activities such as being at work, driving a car, and cleaning the house.  With the site being highly visual, it is easy to see the accurate formations of workout poses and learn how to correctly use an exercise ball.

3. Recommended gear: Upset your third infomercial ab machine didn’t give you the six-pack promised? Pinterest users dish out their tried and true workout essentials and share what has worked best for them. Users can even comment on other people’s posts inquiring where they bought it or how much it costs.

4. Health support: Whether you have a disease and want to find counsel from other people who are experiencing the same illness, or you’re looking for a weight-loss support group, Pinterest users have posted the websites they have found the most helpful for encouragement and information. You can also find healthy ways of substituting natural remedies for medication for minor illnesses and a list of what to bring for a hospital visit.

5. Inspiration: Sometimes you just need the extra push to tie up your running shoes or drink that extra glass of water. Pinterest is overflowing with inspirational quotes, testimonies, and pictures that will give you the extra “oomph” you need to make your day healthier.

This social media outlet has allowed the topic of health to become an entertaining pastime, integrating the importance of wellness into everyday life. Try it out for yourself, and see what Pinterest can help you accomplish.

Happy Pinning.

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