a no excuses attitude

I have learned that there is never an opportune time to accomplish your dreams. 

You will always be “too busy” to do the things that you’ve always wanted to do. Somewhere between emails and making dinner, there’s barely any time to breathe. So my theory with goals is: you just have to go for it. You have to commit to your dreams before you know if you have the time to do them or not (because you never really will). When you commit to completing something, the rest of your life will shift around, and while you’ll be busy, you’ll be happier and more fulfilled than if you keep bumping your dreams down the list of things to do.

One of my personal dreams has been to learn how to play the guitar. Simple enough but after that goal collected dust for over a decade, I decided it was time to make it a priority. Without knowing if I could handle the extra load, I signed up for a beginner’s guitar class in January. With my first class teaching me how to simply hold the instrument, it was easy to think my time would be better spent elsewhere, but I kept going twice a week. Slowly but surely, I was learning entire songs and understanding how to write my own music. In 5 months, I went from having an unfulfilled dream to being able to play almost any song I wanted to on the guitar, and I barely noticed the sacrifice of time I had made to get there. I feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose in tackling my aspirations; a feeling much greater than what I would have gotten from a few extra hours of sleep if I hadn’t taken the class.

Life doesn’t give you enough time, but it does give you enough opportunities.  So I now know if I want to achieve something, I just have to let go of excuses and do it.



I wrote this post for Wellington Group.

Hope your Monday is going well. 

xoxo, k.  


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