Separated or together?

Speaking of closets: I have been told that the key to a good relationship is to have separate ones. When Clint and I moved into our new home, there was plenty of storage space for us to have different closets. At our last place, we had a matchbox of a closet that had both of our clothes piled on each other and  hangers were a treasured commodity which we were continually stealing from each other. Having my own closet is heaven. I am pretty particular about closets, so to have full reign over my wardrobe is wonderful. But sometimes I miss when we’d both be picking out our outfits for the day together. Now I have to walk into a completely different room to gently advise him to maybe not wear those shoes on our date. But in general, I think having our own space is great for our relationship… and I know he enjoys not being nagged to pick up his socks.

I have also heard that sleeping in a king size bed can be bad for your relationship because you don’t even have to touch while you’re sleeping. I can agree with that. Clint and I still sleep in my full sized bed that I had when I was a kid, and it’s perfect for us. We get to (read: forced to) cuddle all night unless we want to end up on the floor. I really do believe that it keeps us physically and emotionally close to be all curled up on each other every night.

Your thoughts? Better to be separated or share everything?

Now on to closet lusting:

XOXO, k.

2 thoughts on “Separated or together?

  1. I think its great to share things but everyone needs a certain amount of personal space. I think you need to judge that but at the same time its good to lose some comfort.

  2. King Size Bed – Saves marriages. Cuddle now while you can, though! Closets – DEFINITELY better seperate. For him. Boys stuff can easily be crowded out by the fashionista.

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