getting certified.

The Philippines has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I was not only able to experience these hidden beauties, but get scuba certified in their depths.

My instructor was a man named Frank. (How can you not love anyone with the name Frank?) Frank is a diver with a gypsy soul from Norway- traveling around the world until he (pretty much by accident) landed in the Philippines. He fell in love with the culture and decided to start his own dive company there. Ten years later, I am his student. He is a bit of a joker, but I appreciate this about him. Once, in an exercise where I had to take my googles off underwater, he took them from me and dropped them on the bottom- leaving me to blindly find them- just so he could have a good laugh. We had a good time.

Scuba diving feels a bit like flying under water. It’s an amazing thing. You’re invited into this world that so few get to see up close. I felt like I was out of my own body gliding through a land of coral and exotic fish.

For my last dive, we went on a boat ride for over an hour to a deserted beach. It was a place so beautiful and untouched by humanity that it was hard to even believe it was real. The water was so clear, I could look over the side of the boat and see straight down to the bottom. There is something about that kind of beauty that fills you up and makes you feel like life is worth living.

Now I am an official certified diver: something that I am proud to scratch off of my bucket list.

xoxo, k.


Getting my gear together. That stuff was alot heavier than I thought it would be!Image

Frank is helping me and my diving partner from Norway, Claus, pick out the right size goggles.Image

The dive that certified me!ImageImage



My instructor, Frank. If he is above water, he has coffee in his hand.ImageImageImage


The water was so clear that even snorkeling was amazing.ImageImageImageImage



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