four great things.

Here are a few things that made the month of January special, that I happened to catch with my camera.

art1*One: My best friend, Corie, came to visit me for a weekend. We never stopped laughing… or eating. Corie is one of those gems of a friend that is always down for a new experience- no matter what it entails. This quality we share never fails to get us in trouble and, consequently, provides the best stories. This particular weekend had us galavanting through Houston, singing at random Karaoke establishments, making friends with strangers, and making sure we ate everything the city had to offer.






Two: Clint and I went to visit my family for my younger brother’s birthday. I can’t believe how old they are getting. And they both tower at least 6 inches over me.

I was also able to visit my grandmother, Mimi. We had lunch and talked about anything and everything. I always feel so blessed to have her cheerful encouragement in my life. She always tells me that I give her hope in the current state of the world, but in reality, she gives me hope in myself.






Three: This last time Clint was home, we were able to experience lots of peaches. (Clint and I describe the good things in life as peaches and the bad as pits.)

1. After months and months of searching, we found a church that we both love. This is a hugely exciting thing to us, since we have been craving a Christian community- and between me going to church on my own when he was gone, and us not “clicking” with a church when he was here, it was a frustrating roller coaster.

2. I applied for my dream job. I honestly believed I had no chance at getting it, but after several rounds of interviews, I got a call offering me the position! I am still completely blown away and insanely excited. Starting tomorrow (ah!) I will be helping with the design of Free People stores. I will help plan events, pick what goes on manequins, style customers, and help design the inside of the store… the perfect collision of everything I love into one job description.




Above: Me in my favorite little nook of the house. The coffee table is an old war trunk and we found that killer wingback chair at an estate sale when we first moved to Houston.

And below: Clint and I went to several different museums over the two weeks he was home. It was so funny to see my grown husband get all giddy for the dinosaur exhibit at the Museum of Science- and then he completely geeked out over the natural gas exhibit like the engineer he is. I love him.






Home: I went to Canton last weekend, and found this awesome iron canopy. I decided to attach it to an old window frame (that came from a barn in Austin), to keep from having to drill any huge holes in the wall. Then I went to World Market and got some sheer curtains that I could tie on. Then I put a chandelier inside, and voila!



DSC_0153For the vase, I took a mason jar and sprayed mercury paint (you can find it at Hobby Lobby) inside so that it looks silver/a mirror finish.






Four: I have a thing for instant cameras. My most recent addition to the collection is Fujifilm’s instax 210. This guy is a wide shot camera, producing pictures about 3 times as large as the popular 7s. Definitely too large to casually carry around, but the pictures are easier to see and the camera provides alot more control over your results than the 7s (lightening/darkening options, different zoom lengths, ect)

I am also excited about this year’s planner from Kate Spade. Each month is sectioned off by beautiful pictures and fun quotes.


Off to my first day of my new job tomorrow. Wish me luck.

xoxo, k.

5 thoughts on “four great things.

  1. I love everything from your post; your ingenuity and creatvity aLWAYS amaze me with pleasure FF in Arlington TX

    >________________________________ > From: “xoxo, k.” >To: >Sent: Tuesday, February 5, 2013 12:25 PM >Subject: [New post] four great things. > > >kendallhailey posted: “Here are a few things that made the month of January special, that I happened to catch with my camera. One: My best friend, Corie, came to visit me for a weekend. We never stopped laughing… or eat” >

  2. Kendall: 1) Your skills continue to mature and amaze. I am blown away by your use of color (and B&W… thank you!), composition, and storytelling. 2) Thank you for making my photo on the porch blurry. Nothing more sad than an old man watching the superbowl by himself outside. 3) I love Clint too!
    Congratulations on the new job. It sounds like a fit made in heaven.

  3. Kendall, this post is awesome! I really like the way you overlapped the images with text. And I love the pictures, the layout, and your writing. I hadn’t seen any of these pictures yet…or a lot of the things in the pictures for that matter haha. I laughed at the picture of Brandon and I. We seem to have similar grins going on, but apparently I was slow on drawing my pistols. Looks like I’m pretty much coming home to a new bedroom as usual, but the iron canopy is sweet…I was definitely lost trying to picture that over the phone. Coop is such a ham, and he is so happy on that bed. I love you and I cant wait to see you in a few days!

    (Love you too Chris!)

    Note: Clint’s Birthday Bash 2014 will be located as shown behind the giant T-Rex in the museum photo, complete with birthday wall banners.

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