when a girl has some questions.

I get straight giddy over interior design. It is a field that I am actively attempting to understand. It intrigues me because learning design is like getting to know someone. You have to feel it out and learn the quirks and traits that make it come together. There is no formula you can learn that “works”, like math or science. You have train your eyes and season your gut. As a lover of good design, well crafted furniture and small shops, I have been seeking out designers and shop owners in Houston to get some insight on their take of aesthetics.

Over the last week, I have gone to several different antique/interior design shops and spoken to their owners and designers about what it is that drove them to get their own creative space, what inspires them, and what the steps are to becoming a well known designer. Most of the men and women who worked in these places were very generous with their time and knowledge- excited to have found someone who was interested in their craft. I was thankful for this, as all I did was waltz in, slinging my Nikon around my neck, and request a meeting.

The shops were so inspiring to me. I wish I could pretend that I was cool about the whole thing, but I was almost keeled over with butterflies that these designers were taking the time to talk to me and letting me photograph.





DSC_0529One of the shops I went to even produces it’s own magazine with history of furniture and design from around the world. They let me have a copy and that occupied my afternoon as I was coming down from my interior design high.

Other exciting ideas are coming in the works soon and I can hardly wait to share.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, and thanks for stopping by!

xoxo, k.



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