welcome to Kensfolk.

This last weekend was one of those best friend weekends where you work out together and then promptly make a cake… and then eat it out of the pan side by side with two forks. Tessa megabussed herself across Texas to cook, talk and fry herself beside me at the beach and I couldn’t have been more grateful. 

This last week, I helped with a kid’s camp at my church. I had a 5th/6th grade group of about 12 boys and girls. This age group has a soft spot in my heart since that was the age I was when I first accepted Christ. The week was full of “I dare you to”‘s and having to explain to the 5th grade boys that running around screaming in high pitched wails isn’t the most efficient way to get a 6th grade girl to crush on you. No attention is bad attention, right? I also helped teach a photography class to kindergardeners. It’s so cute to see a small little human be so excited to capture anything from a blade of grass to their neighbor’s booger. I hope they all grow up to be professionals. 

A few from my Iphone:





In other news;

If you’re an antique lover like me, check out Swap Madness. It’s a website that shows you flea markets/ antique events in your neck of the woods. I’m going to check out a place I found this afternoon. 

ANNNNNNDDDDD did you notice the new name? With that .com and everything? I’m quite excited to move up in the web world. Hopefully this blog will really come to life soon. I’m slowly learning about code and other hipster programmer things. I might even grow a beard and buy a cardigan. 

xoxo, k. 

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