good morning.

“Over time the daily search for simplicity and quiet through my photos became a sanctuary for me. All that was loud…the storm beating at the window, the sight of the day’s heavy work load, the weight of emotional loss- was quieted by that click of the shutter.”

A Year of Mornings, Stephanie Barnes

I have been inspired by Maria Vettese and Stephanie Barnes and their collaborative photography book, A Year of Mornings, to further my quest in striving to find beauty in the simplicity of the everyday. These two friends, 3191 miles apart, both took pictures of their mornings everyday for a year. It is through these photographs that they inspire the cultivation of noticing, not producing. To take a picture of how things authentically are, and making the truest sense of the object/person into art.

So this morning, I decided to snap a few of my own pictures of starting the day (documented between 7-8am).






I noticed it was harder than you think to not want to reposition things, or put something in better light. Even taking a picture of myself right out of bed was… difficult? But that’s the beauty of it. This is what my morning really looks like. It’s not perfect or put together. It’s a balcony with leaves and a beat up bench. It’s big pores, cold coffee, and some reading. And it’s recognizing the authenticity of it all, noticing what is simple and real, and capturing it. How freeing.

xoxo, k.

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