things that excite.

Seeking out inspiration can feel like a full time job- much less actually creating something. I have been really focusing on really digging up knowledge and creative sources- on and off the computer screen. This quest, while it may seem fruitless to some because of the lack (no) pay, I genuinely believe that it does sooo much for my work. It gets me excited and clears my mental fog. To witness someone else’s pure creative genius just makes me want to conquer the world.

That being said, I have to remember to dislodge myself from the limitless sources of inspiration and actually produce something myself.

So let’s talk about a few things that I have found lately that excite me:

1. Getting featured in New York Minute Magazine.

I was featured in an online publication that focused on my “hipster” styling. While I was semi reprimanded for my lack of brushed hair (guilty as charged), I was honored to be in their fashion section. Check out the full article here.


2. Typography.

This has been extra exciting lately, since I am currently learning how to produce my own. This has opened up a world that I am limitlessly impressed by. The pure talent of some of these artists baffles and inspires me. I truly wish I was only interested in one creative venture at a time- because I feel a full on typography all nighter coming on. //All images below found on Pinterest.

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3. Summer reads.

Right now, I am book marked and dog eared in about 7 different pieces of literature.

Including, but not limited to:

1. Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist- author of another book titled “Bittersweet”, which I also love.

2. My So Called Freelance Life by Michelle Goodman- a wonderful and honest view of what it means to run your own creative business.

3. How To Breathe Underwater by Julie Orringer- a not so typical love story recommended to me by an old English teacher of mine.

4. A Movable Feast by Ernest Hemingway- I am very drawn to all of his work.

I would give you my opinion of these pieces, but I haven’t gotten far enough in to give you an educated review. To come later. A book I recently finished (and loved) (in a “I hate this” all encompassing, can’t put it down way) was The Paris Wife by Paula McClain. It’s a story written from the fictional voice of Hadley, Ernest Hemingway’s first wife (I told you I have a thing for him). I have recommended this book to several of my friends, and they all loved it. I would say more, but I’d ruin the story. Go read it.

Hope you’re having a very nice Wednesday.

XOXO, k.

2 thoughts on “things that excite.

  1. I’ve read at least 8 of Hemingways books, and I highly recommend the biography Papa Hemingway by A.E. Hotchner, who was a close adventure partner of the Hemingway.

    • Thank you for the suggestion. You’ve always been my book soul brother. (Is this a thing? Because I’m making it a thing.) Speaking of, I still have your omnivore’s dilemma to return to you. You and your new bride must come to visit.

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