published shoot!

I told you that Cottonwood Road and I are doing alot of work together. I am so excited to share a few snap shots from a collaborative shoot we did. WHICH WAS JUST PUBLISHED ON THE LOVELY FIND! Whoo! Check it out here. I think they turned out so very lovely.


Photos: Cottonwood Road Photography

Styled by: Kendall Hanna

Dress: Free People (you can find it here)

Clint’s Pants/Shirt: JCrew

Flowers: Bouquet and Flower Crown both made by me- DIY tutorial coming soon

Location: Houston, Texas





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k&c-2851 k&c-3015 k&c-2893 k&c-2938 k&c-2872k&c-3522k&c-3494 k&c-3493k&c-3489k&c-2767 k&c-2959k&c-3037 k&c-3195 k&c-3208k&c-3236 k&c-3244 k&c-3247


Thank you, Hannah for the amazing photos and for spending weeks texting and pinning with me until we got this right! And thank you, Lovely Find for publishing our work! You made us two very excited women.


4 thoughts on “published shoot!

  1. The clothes, hair, flowers are all so beautiful but your happiness in these photos is by far the most gorgeous thing! Love you, proud of you!

  2. Looks absolutely beautiful! So glad you’re featuring our shoot on your blog 🙂 I cannot wait till whatever is next for us. Thank you for EVERYTHING you did to create such a gorgeous shoot with me.

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